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Is Radical Action Required (part II)?

COP 26 - is Radical Action Required (pt 2)?!

Moderated by David Shukman.

These Environmental Frontline events investigate the burning environmental issues of the day.

This is one is hybrid - virtual and also at the Conduit Club.

Attend it -the 5th in the series- virtually here, on the 11th January 2022, at 18:30.

Radical Action Required’ (phrase origin here from the FT) is held either side of COP 26, to investigate the world’s environmental trajectory since Paris 2015, and future; discussing whether radical action is required, to halt our dance toward disaster as the FT's image showed so well. (Photo copyright James Ferguson in FT)

Or is disaster, with rapid changes, behavioural changes and new technology, actually not a given?

The first part of 'Radical Action Required' was held on the 23rd September 2021 - the second will be held on the 11th January 2022, at 18:30 - with the Conduit Club.

So, either attend it in person there (if you are not a member find a friend who is and be their guest?!) , or join virtually here, it is free. It is at 18:30. The first ever #EnvironmentalFrontline event was on the ‘Pandemic Plastic- a burning issue?’ (link here); secondly, ‘Sea of Scandals’ (link here); thirdly “ Plastics in our Oceans: what can we do to turn the tide?”(link here).The Fourth Environmental Frontline event was on the 23rd September 2021. (recording here).

For the fifth #EnvironmentalFrontline event, panellists will include:

  • Professor Paul Ekins (Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Resources, and Director of Research at the School of Sustainable Resources and Energy at University College London) @UCL_ISR

  • Professor Shailaja Fennell, Regional Transformation and Economic Security, University of Cambridge

  • Patrick Holden, founding director of the Sustainable Food Trust

  • Farhana Yamin, an internationally recognised environmental lawyer, climate change and development policy expert. She has advised leaders and ministers on climate negotiations for 30 years, representing small islands and developing countries and attending nearly every major climate summit since 1991.

  • Will Webster, Energy Policy Manager OGUK (Oil and Gas UK @OGUKenergy)

  • Jeevan Vasagar , Environment Editor at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

  • the event will be moderated by the BBC's former Science Editor, David Shuckman @DavidShukman

The aim of these events is to further all of our understanding of the burning environmental issues of the day….the environment is the frontline for all of us As Governments and councils and organisations declare climate and ecological emergencies - are their causes for positivity? What must we do? What will we do? The organisers, A Future without Rubbish CIC (here) improve schools and organisation’s environmental impact and organise the acclaimed ‘A Future without Rubbish’ programme, which works in schools in the UK, India having started in Romania. #environmentalfrontline events are organised and curated by Luke Douglas-Home of Clear Public Space & A Future without Rubbish CIC, and Pranvera Smith of the Frontline Online, with advice from Professor Maurer of the EU Commission. Attend here!

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