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The Coastline Runner agenda for 2024

In a world drowning in plastic pollution, one individual is lacing up his running shoes and urging others to join him and make a difference. Meet Luke Douglas-Home, the founder of A Future Without Rubbish CIC and a Chartered Environmentalist, who initiated the Coastline Runner project as a response to the challenges posed by plastic waste. As seen in The TimesDaily MailThe TelegraphRunner's World, on ITVKMTVBBC Scotland and BBC Radio.

The Campaign

The Coastline Runner agenda for 2024: Educate, Engage, Run Coastlines


This year, our aim is to:


1. Collect 5,000 pieces of plastic pollution while running 500km of British coastline and waterways 


2. Educate 500 school pupils on combating plastic pollution 


3. Engage with at least 5 local councils on measures they can take to bring about positive change in their local environment 

the coastline runner

Educational Outreach

The initiative aims to enlighten the younger generation by imparting five crucial facts:

1. Every 5 minutes, the equivalent of 5 dumpster trucks of rubbish empties into the ocean.

2. Earth boasts 5 oceans - Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern (or Antarctic), and Arctic.

3. Phytoplankton, responsible for over half the oxygen we breathe, are now ingesting harmful microplastics.

4. Plastics, from production to disposal, have detrimental effects at every stage of their lifecycle.

5. The consequences of microplastics in our blood remain unknown.

Environmental Impact

Luke Douglas-Home embarked on this journey on November 1st, 2021, running 750 km from Lowestoft to Leith (Edinburgh). Despite facing injuries and challenges, he has already collected over 750 kg of plastic during his runs, preventing it from polluting our seas and environment.

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Engaging Communities

The initiative actively involves local communities, encouraging residents to join "2-minute rubbish clean" sessions. Participants are provided with reusable "One Bag Zero Waste" bags (Environment Minister Rebecca Pow One Bag Zero Waste), promoting environmental circularity and community engagement.

The Urgency of Action

"Shoreline plastic that is centimetres from the coastline is pollution destined to enter our seas, harming wildlife and irreversibly entering the food chain," warns Luke Douglas-Home. The Coastline Runner initiative emphasizes the need for systemic change to prevent millions of tonnes of plastic from entering the seas each year.


How You Can Help

To support the mission, donations of £10 or more are rewarded with a 2024 e-Tide table, which shows tide times all the way up the UK East Coast. Follow the journey on Instagram @TheCoastlineRunner and join the fight against plastic pollution.


As the Coastline Runner initiative gains momentum, it serves as a beacon of hope in the battle against plastic pollution. Luke Douglas-Home's dedication and the engagement of communities, schools, and councils exemplify the collective effort required to safeguard our oceans. Let’s come together in the endeavour! And RUN!

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