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1 Coastline, 1 Runner with 1 Bag in 1 year!

The Coastline Runner - "We should all join The Coastline Runner, on Norfolk’s beautiful coast, and beyond!" He is doing the opposite of "Blah blah blah" at COP'26!

The Coastline Runner starts on Monday (1/11) in Great Yarmouth.

During the first year of the UN's Decade of Ocean Science, Luke Douglas-Home will be ‘The Coastline Runner’.

In one year, he will run much of the British Isles coastline, which stretches for some 5000 miles, starting on the 1st November (1/11/2021) at Great Yarmouth. Luke is the founder of 'A Future without Rubbish'.

The first stretch – Great Yarmouth to Hemsby

Starting at the River Yare’s estuary edge, he will embark north on the first stretch of coastline, from Great Yarmouth to Hemsby Beach (starting point here). A week later, he will start the second stretch, from where he left off at Hemsby, to Eccles-on-Sea. The next week, from Eccles to Mundesley, and so on.

Every stretch of this coastline mission he will collect plastic litter, putting it in his ‘One Bag Zero Waste’ bag – endorsed by the UK government, and Defra – and logging the findings.

Every stretch he runs, he will find out really how the local authority disposes of the plastic rubbish he collects, be it incineration, landfill, recycling or other.

Only using public transport during his mission and making a CO2e calculation every quarter (scopes 1, 2 and 3), he will offset the emissions that this activity has generated by funding the most local and transparent offset schemes available and aim for the overall mission to be climate positive.

The Coastline Runner will analyse the British Isles’ coastline in:

· distance, rubbish, litter and waste hotspots

· local authorities’ waste disposal systems

We should all join The Coastline Runner, on Norfolk’s beautiful coast, and beyond!” says Andrew Jamieson, North Norfolk County Council and Chair of The Norfolk Coastal Partnership.

Why not join him, in making the UK's coastline better this year and into the future?!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!


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