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The Coastline Runner does stretch 6 (S6): water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink……

(photo credit Paul from Lynn News)

1. Start: Burnham Overy Staithe

2. Finish: Hunstanton

3. Distance: 23 km

4. #TheCoastlineRunner initiative total: 127 km

5. How arrived: Stayed overnight at Burnham Overy Staithe, having travelled by the excellent Coastliner service from Kings Lynn (here)

6. How departed: given a pro bono lift.

7. S6 CO2e emitted: total CO2e emitted for this endeavour is estimated at 135 kgs of CO2e. For this, S6 incorporated some of the CO2e associated with the medical care necessary to recover from S5.

8. Plastic rubbish / trash observation: This stretch of Norfolk’s coast is an AONB and is A-mazing!

9. Marine litter: one large bit of rubbish of fibreglass waste, sections of rope, marine material/fabric

10. Consumer litter: balloons from the creek, dog poo bags a-plenty because of running the coastal path (?), 1 Covid mask, the casing and wadding of a shotgun cartridge

Short thought: I am now starting each stretch with a “2 min beach clean” #2minbeachclean. This time, we collected at least 1kg of plastic with everyone’s help before I set off to collect (here) more shoreline plastic. I collected 2 bags worth photographed below.

Short report:

This Saturday the 2nd of April, I adapted the #thecoastlinerunner initiative to start with a “2 min creek clean #2mincreekclean.

(photo credit Paul from Lynn News)

We had superb coffee with Burnham Overy Staithe’s Norfolk Coffee Pedlar (photographed by Lynn News Paul Marsh) before setting off. Having enthused about the joys of running compact, shoreline sand I had difficulty with corrugated compact shoreline sand that I came up against this time.

I am now ending each stretch with disposing of the kilograms of shoreline plastic that I have collected during the run – this time, the Mayor and councillors of Hunstanton oversaw the disposal.

I ran 23 km, and overall we collected a total of 2 kgs of shoreline plastic. A large, heavy bit of marine litter dragged to the path from the marsh was saved from entering the sea as I ran the coastal path. Dog poo bags were collected, considerably increasing the weight.

S7 – Stretch 7; nearing Lincolnshire, from Hunstanton to the Great Ouse.

The next stretch (stretch 7) of the #coastlinerunner initiative – collecting shoreline plastic – is starting at the cliffs underneath the Hunstanton Lighthouse (here) at 9:30 on Saturday 9th April. The Mayor will then see us off and we hope to end at Kings Lynn or the Ouse.

Please bring water. I carry 2 kgs of it, warm clothes, and a snicker bar in my waterproof backpack.

One of the peculiar things about running the shoreline is that there is “water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

If you want to take part in the #2minbeachclean then come on Saturday; if you want to do the beach clean and then run, arrive in Ukrainian Flag colours (blue-yellow) carrying water.

Let’s go – collecting shoreline plastic as we run!

Media coverage and growing involvement

We were featured in Lynn News here. I was interviewed by Kirsteen Thorpe on Saturday morning for BBC Norfolk.

The updated known media list is:

April – 09:05 BBC Interview Radio Norfolk, with Kirsteen Thorne

@kethorne1 here - BBC Radio Norfolk Interview (From 03:10:49 to 03:19:23)

November 2021

BBC Radio Norfolk, 16:20 Stephen Bumfrey

"coastline running sounds epic!" says Emily Maitlis (BBC)

29th Nov - 17:45 interview BBC Norfolk



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