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The Coastline Runner’s Visit to Rokeby School, Kingston

The Coastline Runner Rokeby School
Pictured right are Mrs C. Brown (Sustainability Coordinator at Rokeby School), Luke, Georgina, and Sarah Olney, with Lower School Eco-Reps

As part of The Coastline Runner's initiative, Luke Douglas-Home visited Rokeby School, accompanied by Sarah Olney, the area's former MP, Dr Georgina Fauconier of the South East Rivers Trust, Jack Middleton, and Chloe Grisel of Veolia. Eco-Reps from Coombe Hill Junior School, Fern Hill Junior School, and Holy Cross Prep School also attended. Luke discussed the environment and the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans with the students and guests. 

Luke's passionate and insightful talk not only informed but also inspired and entertained everyone present. His initiative to educate and engage through running along coastlines and waterways has had a tangible impact, with over 750 km covered and 700 kg of waste collected. 

The Coastline Runner at Rokeby School
Luke Douglas-Home, aka The Coastline Runner, presenting at Rokeby School

A few days prior to the event, Luke went plogging along the Thames, from Kingston to Richmond to investigate the plastic pollution situation. During his run, he collected a bag full of plastic waste, including various consumer items such as bottles, bags, cigarette butts, and food wrappers. He brought this bag to the event to show the students the types of plastic commonly found in their area. This led to discussions about the proper disposal of non-recyclable waste, prompting questions for Veolia’s Chloe, who was present. 

Luke's visit encouraged everyone to reevaluate their actions and consider changes to reduce plastic consumption. Most of all, he encouraged pupils to “Call it out” if this summer they are lucky enough to visit a beach and unlucky enough to see someone littering – he suggested asking the perpetrator“Really? REALLY?Pack it in! Put it in the bin!”  

The event was not only informative but also instilled a sense of responsibility. The presence of council members, business representatives, and students was instrumental in initiating a dialogue about working together as a community to address the issue of plastic pollution in the area and on summer beaches – from Cornwall to California. Through such collaborative efforts, we can strive to build a more sustainable and responsible future for our planet. 

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