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The Coastline Runner's silence: a honey-laden-recovery

My silence has been honey-laden-recovery.

The final hospital visit was last week and the GP visit on Wednesday. The dressing was removed.

I had an extra Christmas!

Nurse Mercy taking off the dressing was like unwrapping a present – I won’t show you photos because it is still not a great look. Thanking Mercy, I have donated to Cancer Research.

The toe that she revealed, showed 6 weeks of recovery from frostbite and a lost toenail

(it came off somewhere in the marshes between Cley and Wells)

aided by antibiotics, iodine, saline and honey and keeping it 100% dry.

(yes ‘honey’! little known fact: forms of honey are still prescribed by the NHS in dressings due to honey’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties).


So, we are now planning to re-start the coastline runner’s mission (#coastlinerunner) in February – well under a three-month pause, for my recovery.

With everyone’s help – Nurses Mercy, Edna and Terry; work and many friends and family (you know who you are) justgiving donors and Christina – we can do this!

Do what, exactly?

The Coastline Runner’s (#coastlinerunner) mission is run as much as possible of the coast of the British Coast[I], in marathon-half-marathon stretches, before October.

· collecting plastic trash,

· calculating emissions and

· investigating local authorities and initiatives real waste collection and disposal

The first step is to close the Norfolk chapter (local authority).

Onwards and upwards!

(literally.......Norfolk to Lincolnshire)


endnote [i] in the first year of the UN’s Decade of Ocean Science, family and work-life allowing.

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