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The Coastline Runner’s Norfolk Chapter Report

Before the Lincolnshire chapter begins on the 1st June, we are meeting officials from The House of Lords, House of Commons, Defra and the Crown Estate; presenting them with a draft of the Coastline Runner’s report for Norfolk. The complete Norfolk coastline was completed before the swifts arrived – they now have!

(It will be printed on recycled paper, of course.)

Any feedback on the report itself and the @TheCoastlinerunner (here) initiative they can give, would be gold dust – to improve its efficacy, education and impact.

After improvement, it will then go to officials in the European Commission – eventually it will go to the UN, in relation to their ‘Decade of Ocean Science’ which was the trigger for the whole enterprise.

By the 1st June, the report will be ready for publication - sponsors at our JustGiving (here) site will automatically receive a personal copy, and if you would like to receive one too please email , subject ‘NCR1’.

Also, on the 1st June he will be starting the next, tenth, stretch – ‘S10’ – and starting the ‘Lincolnshire Chapter’ at Sutton Bridge (where he got to in S8, here) running via The Wash and ending 30 km later at Fosdyke Village Hall.

What started as a lone man’s mission, to overcome frustrations over the lack of efficacy, education and impact of COP 26 has turned into an initiative with immediate results on reducing plastic pollution of our seas and gaining overwhelming support from local authorities, ongoing initiatives, the public and sponsors – 50 private sponsors have given 000s of pounds to contribute to travel, admin and medical costs. Mayors and councillors have greeted and applauded the Coastline Runner initiative, the whole way along the beautiful Norfolk Coast.

Luke wants to commit the remainder of his life for this mission – collecting shoreline plastic, promoting its collection and correct disposal.

If you can help him make that viable in time, in support, advice and contacts, helping him with the amazing film for sponsors, or even joining him in future stretches of running the coast why not?!, then please share this page and get in contact with us at Instagram here or email here

copyright Paul @ Lynn news here


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