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Nurse to Doctor "it is looking a bit necrotic....."

Good news! After the epic stretch 5, reported here.

#CoastlineRunner mission resume! S6 – Stretch 6 – Snettisham to Kings Lynn Station

I have been to the GP today and had my toe looked at and redressed – the antibiotics are working and recovery is ongoing and healthy.

I have shed my crutch.

Thank you A and E and Urgent Care Unit for prescribing me antibiotics for my “looking a bit necrotic toe” they are working their magic, and I am now firmly out of the dark place I was in at the weekend. (the cause of all this, is reported here - Stretch 5)

So, all you wonderful donors who gave (link here) towards the #coastlinerunner completing the “‘Norfolk Chapter’ by Christmas” I MIGHT STILL DO IT– IF the #coastlinerunner becomes the #coastlinehobbler until Christmas.

This delay has been agonizing (as well as agony!) as I felt I wouldn’t be able to do what I had set out to do, and you had supported me…… I 'crutched around' being crotchety with Christina and the family……..

The #coastlinerunner plan is now this.

This Sunday 12th December, I will have my toe dressed and checked, in hospital for the fourth time.

The next day – after one week’s pause and 2 weeks beginning my recovery – the #coastlinerunner will become the ‘#coastlinehobbler’ to get the job done.

From this Monday, I will hobble along the non-shoreline parts of the mission – what was the penultimate stretch of the Norfolk Chapter - 17 km from Snettisham to Kings Lynn.

I will hobble with dry and warm feet, and will post an update after I have done it.

There is still much to be done in Norfolk. Let’s go!

Short fact for you:

As always in this mission, I will be travelling by public transport and calculating my total CO2e (CO2 equivalent ) emissions for this endeavour also. Why? Because "Transport is responsible for around a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions and road vehicles account for around three-quarters of that share " the Economist says here. We must all measure, reduce and disclose, I think.

New word for you (!?)- 'Necrotic' here

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