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Stretch 1 of the #Coastlinerunner's first mission

1. Stretch 1 of the #CoastlineRunner’s First Mission ('S1M1' reminder: it is to run as much as he can [i] of the British Isles’ coastline) starting on the 1st November 2021 until 9th October, 2022: the next Royal Parks Half Marathon in London.

a. start: Yarmouth

b. finish: Hemsby

c. distance: 13.94 km

d. how arrived: by Public Transport (train to Yarmouth) and a pro bono lift from Victor of Barkers Photos link here ('LH')

e. how departed: Hemsby by bus (route 1A) to Yarmouth and Train (LH).

f. CO2e[ii] emitted for 'S1M1': 15.4 kgs (15.3 kgs CO2e (return train travel) + 1g (local bus route (rounded up)) + 1 kit kat?)

g. Plastic trash observation: Wonderfully clear – except for very occasional crisp packets (Walkers) and dog poo bags.

Would education into the harm and longevity of plastic (00s of years) combined with improved binfrastructure help solve this?

h. Short Report (SR): (max 125 words)

Met by the Mayor of Yarmouth, Adrian Thomson (LH) and Councillor James Bensly (LH) who lifted my spirits by applauding the start of this BIG mission and they felt energized by my Vibram Barefoot Running shoes (LH) and wanted to join me – maybe they can greet me on my arrival when I have done the anti-clockwise route, and swim the River Yare’s estuary mouth from the south!

Made it to Hemsby, after seeing Dunlin, seals and Gulls, and put collected plastic trash in the bin.

Running quite difficult; sometimes like running through fudge cake (sand) or slippery and hard rocks (shingle).

i. Next Stretch: Looking forward to Monday 8th November, and the next stretch, Hemsby to Happisburgh!

Here we go!

Thanks to Christina, and A Future without Rubbish for giving me the time for this big mission.

And, as important, are the funders at the Justgiving site - I will forward these funds to A Future without Rubbish CIC, and report here when I have; thank you, to Liberty, Henry, Heather, Michele, Charlie, Imelda, Nigel, Christina, Ramona, Marcus, Alice, Nickie, Hanita, Alex, Matt, Bex, Chris and Anonymous-es! Any excess funds will go towards the costs of the next chapter - Lincolnshire.

[i] Family and work life allowing! [ii] The CO2e calculation will be based on all travel, accommodation and consumption necessary for this mission; savings by being given any of the above will not be calculated, but mentioned as 'probono'. Mike Berners Lee (LH and LH) (LH) and The Vegan Society (LH) are used for calculations. Thank you.

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