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The Coastline Runner's blog - Graffiti with punctuation

Short report:

Liz Coates has reported here about the dramatic pictures showing the scale of erosion at Winterton, which I ran past last month in Stretch 2 and 3 (here and here).

(image copyright: simon carter in EDP)

I had written about the coastal erosion – I didn’t realise it was SO edgy.

I have had two hospital visits in the last week, with the next tomorrow.

I am back on a crutch and in pain when walking, but the antibiotics worked.

My toe should survive, as recovery continues.

But I am unable to run, or hobble even, as I am on a crutch.

This makes me feel bad as you gave money (through the JustGiving page here) towards me “cracking Norfolk by Christmas” in my Coastline Running (#coastlinerunner).

However, I am going to respond to medical and family advice, and am not going to resume until healing has properly been given a chance.

Have a good Christmas everyone – Doctor Grace said last week that “it might be well on its way to healing by Christmas” – now THAT would be the best

Christmas present of all for me! (Also. Doctor Terry told me that “blogging was just graffiti with punctuation ” when I photographed (right) for this blog.

See you in the new year for “stretch 6”, from Snettisham to Kings Lynn Station, and I will do the stretches with estuaries and marsh when getting your feet wet and running for hours doesn’t equal frostbite and loss of toe nails!

Short final 2021 thought/question: the thing that envelops bravery and stupidity is insanity. Am I that?! Do you remember this? Did it strike a chord?!

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