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The Coastline Runner

Running coastlines and waterways and collecting shoreline plastic along the way
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Give and Take Five

Donate £5 and we will take

5000 pieces of plastic from our environment

Luke Douglas-Home

The Coastline Runner

The Coastline Runner initiative was started by Luke Douglas-Home CEnv. He is a Chartered Environmentalist and works for A Future without Rubbish CIC.

The Coastline Runner started in the first year of the UN's Decade of Ocean Science - to overcome frustrations over the lack of efficacy and impact of COP 26 in truly starting to combat the Climate and Ecological Emergency the planet is in - to do something real, and effective.


It has turned into a growing initiative with:

(i) immediate results 

(ii) long-term systemic change

in reducing plastic pollution of our seas.

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Our first circular T-shirt

This Coastline Runner T-shirt is designed with the circular economy in mind. This means that when it's worn out, you can send it back to us and we'll recycle the material to create a new T-shirt. 

“Shoreline plastic is rubbish just centimeters from entering our seas, harming wildlife and irreversibly entering the food chain. There must be systemic change to help prevent these millions of tonnes from entering the seas every year. Even if you don’t care about other animals in our environment and our beautiful oceans, care about yourself – we ingest the equivalent of one credit card of plastic every week, for goodness sake!” 

- Luke Douglas-Home

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Flag Bearer


is a term invented by Erik Ahlström referring to the act of picking up trash and litter while jogging. It is a portmanteau of the Swedish term plocka upp, which means "to pick up," and jogging.

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We need your support

The Coastline Runner initiative around the English coast advocates for long-lasting change, and both educates and inspires people to protect and clean our beautiful coast of plastic waste. As a CIC (community interest company), we rely on the public's generosity to carry out our work. 


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