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The Coastline Runner: Cleaning Up UK's Beaches, One Run at a Time

The 1st of December marked the final run of The Coastline Runner's initiative in 2023 when he hit Portobello Beach next to Leith ( Edinburgh). It was reported by the council and by local newspapers

Luke Douglas-Home started The Coastline Runner back in November 2021 in Great Yarmouth, and then further south, in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Almost 700 Km later and over  650 Kg of plastic pollution collected, he has now completed what he can of the East Coast in 2023 - covering the whole coastline, from Lowestoft to Leith. He speaks with schools, councils, businesses media and communities on the subject of the plastification of our ocean,  in this country, the USA and Portugal. (TV, radio, podcasts, newspapers and local publications)

Where will 2024 take The Coastline Runner? To a waterway near you!

The initiative is not just about collecting waste, but also about meeting local councillors, landlords, businesses, and school pupils to find out, exchange and transmit what’s going on at all levels. Small actions, like the ice cream vendors on the beach deciding not to give out plastic spoons, make a huge difference to ocean plastics, as do improved signage and binfrastructure. The Coastline Runner's mission is to reduce the plastic pollution of our ocean- using and working with schools, councils, businesses and communities.

Luke Douglas-Home, also known as The Coastline Runner, encountered marine debris on the beach in North Berwick.

According to Luke, "Collecting rubbish, and putting it in the bin as I run, is a tiny action – something we can all do. We must see waste reduction as the starting point, not recycling. There is a long way to go, but people are waking up and taking their own actions, which is wonderful to see. We say to everyone who litters – 'Pack it in! Put it in the bin!' and that would stop the need for me running coasts collecting plastic pollution, and ALL of us that  do clean-ups, litter picks etc"

The Coastline Runner's work is a great inspiration to all of us. By taking small actions, we can make a big difference in reducing the harm to our environment, by keeping our beaches clean of our stuff. Let's join hands with The Coastline Runner and take action to reduce waste and prevent plastic pollution in our oceans.

If you would like to donate and/or become involved with the project in 2024, click here.

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