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S7: Stretch 7 Hunstanton is a southern nesting point of the (plastic-harmed) Fulmar

(Hunstanton's Mayor and councillor applaud Coastline Runners/copyright Chris Bishop at the Eastern Daily Press)

On Saturday (9th April) the Coastline Runner (#thecoastlinerunner) ran stretch 7: Hunstanton into The Wash, with Times journalist Simon Nixon. 1. Start: Old Hunstanton Lighthouse 2. Finish: Vinegar Middle Farm, North Wootton 3. Distance: 23 km 4. #TheCoastlineRunner initiative total: 150 km 5. How arrived: Stayed overnight at Burnham Overy Staithe, and travelled to Hunstanton by the excellent Coastliner service from Kings Lynn (here) 6. How departed: given a pro bono lift. 7. S7 CO2e emitted: total CO2e emitted for this #TheCoastlineRunner endeavour is estimated at 150 kgs of CO2e. 8. Plastic rubbish/trash observation: There was more shoreline plastic - marine and consumer litter - dog faeces bags on the shoreline still AMAZE/horrify ME! I collect them now, too. What is going on, there?! We collected a lot of plastic rubbish from the Crown Estate. 9. Marine litter: some netting, old buoys and sheets of plastic, sweet wrappers Consumer litter: balloons, sweet wrappers, 3 dog poo bags

10: Shoreline plastics litter collected: by S7 21 kgs collected and correctly disposed of.

Short thought: Fulmars are prime victims of shoreline plastic, their stomachs reflect plastic that has been floating on the surface of the sea. There is an abundance of plastic in fulmar stomachs. Their numbers are in decline. They only started nesting in Hunstanton in 1947. Short report:

This Saturday, the 9th of April the Mayor of Hunstanton Cllr Adrian Winnington was joined by Cllr Cynthia Easeman, to applaud the Coastline Runner (Luke Douglas-Home) and senior Times journalist Simon Nixon, as they set off from Hunstanton, towards Kings Lynn.

They covered 23 km .....“…ALMOST making it to The Great Ouse and Kings Lynn! We saw Barn Owls, Brent Geese, Fulmar, Hare, and Dunlin in this amazing run into the fens of Norfolk,” said Luke.

“We started with a beach clean, and then collected 4-5 Kgs of shoreline plastic while running” said Simon.

Luke, fitting in his run between work in London and Norfolk and family life, collects plastic litter as he jogs along the coast. He runs in half to full marathon stretches (and swims where necessary) to highlight the problem of plastic pollution in our seas and in general.

The Mayor reported, “Again we met Luke and wished him and Simon well as they set off on the next leg of his coastline run to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our seas”.

It was reported in the EDP by chief reporter Chris Bishop, here -

Stretch 8 (S8) will hit Kings Lynn, crossing the Great Ouse and aiming for the river Nene, into Lincolnshire.

Previous known media reporting so far:


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November 2021

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